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How can we make care homes more accessible and welcoming to older people?

BE-SiDE is a collaborative project that aims to learn more about the problems that building design creates for older users, and how to address them. Drawing on research from a variety of experts in fields such as healthcare, computing, design and architecture, BE-SiDE will collect information that will help archtects, care home operators and policymakers to create better places to live.

The project will take note of interviews with older people, research on building accessibility, and readings from sensors to give them a better idea of what is really required to help older people move more freely, feel better and stay sociable.

With a particular focus on environments for older people, researchers will identify measures and design elements that have a negative effect on residents and users, as well as those that improve the experience. This will be combined with the use of digital technologies to facilitate mobility and connectedness.

As well as improving the understanding of what designs encourage activity and inactivity, the research should also help care home environments to improve their reputation and cost-effectiveness, inform policy and architectural practice, road-test new technological solutions, and provide insight into how these technologies can improve a user’s social and physical activity.

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