Cognitive Usability Paper at DE2012

Images from cognitive usability paper

Cognitive Usability Paper at DE2012

Cognitive Usability: Using Human Factors to Influence Future Online Usability Requirements

Mike Crabb, SiDE PhD student at Dundee, presented his latest research findings at the DE2012 conference in Aberdeen. The paper, co-authored by Prof Vicki Hanson and Andy Cobley considers the use of human factors to influence future online usability requirements.

Inaccessible websites can cause a variety of problems for the older adult population. While most contemporary accessibility research is geared towards creating solutions for users with visual or motor difficulties, in comparison, very little work has been undertaken to evaluate users’ cognitive abilities. As a result of this, little is known about the impact of cognitive factors on web design and how this can affect a user’s individual understanding of content that is made available. This paper explores ‘cognitive usability’,

combining the areas of cognitive psychology and web usability. This is done in order to investigate the relationships between cognitive attributes and website interfaces, then to suggest methods that may improve the cognitive usability of websites. By reporting on initial findings and describing current research activities, this paper demonstrates potential techniques that can help older adults become more engaged within the digital economy in order to positively impact their digital lives.

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