The Business perspective is exploring how to identify, evaluate and implement sustainable business models to maximise the impacts of digital technologies for an inclusive digital economy. Many social initiatives in the digital economy are desirable, but not all of them are affordable or sustainable.  It is important to strike the right balance between social objectives and economic viability, and develop social innovations that are financially sustainable.  Furthermore, the way an initiative, a new technology or a new service is designed and implemented – i.e. the underlying business model – is critical to its impacts.  This is not only true in commercial areas but also in areas that rely exclusively on government funding.  Adopting appropriate business models is essential in ensuring social objectives are achieved in affordable and sustainable fashions.

Business researchers are working with Activity and other Perspective Leads to identify and explore significant business issues within these different domains. Three parallel projects are currently underway investigating:

– connected homes/smart homes

– online communities

– intelligent transport systems

These projects involve both desk based research and field work to identify and explore contemporary issues and international best practices.  They will provide the basis for a series of new research papers, inform other perspectives and domains in the digital economy hub, and contribute to discussions and debates in relevant areas.

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Cloud computing

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