New ALIP3 project – SALT


Prof Feng Li is PI on a new  £2 million project funded by the TSB, ESRC and NIHR under the ALIP3 programme on sustainable business models for assisted living in the digital economy.  The new research award entitled “Designing Scalable Assistive Technologies and Services for Independent Healthy Living and Sustainable Market Development in the Mixed Digital Economy (SALT)” brings together a strong consortium of academics, businesses, health and social care professionals, third sector organisations and user representatives to address challenges and opportunities in both economic and business models and social and behavioural studies.

SALT’s main objectives are to identify and develop new business models for scalable assistive technologies and services to promote sustainable market development for independent healthy living in the mixed digital economy; and to understand the factors that promote or inhibit the uptake, use and integration of assistive technologies for older people living in the community from a user-centred perspective.

SALT will collaborate closely with SiDE, businesses, users, health and social care services to help identify a clear route to market.  It will make a significant contribution to capacity building in the North East, by developing innovative solutions within existing health and social care structures through co-construction; exploring new business models for sustainable new market development through case studies and experiments; and informing and validating new solutions from a user-centred perspective.

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Partners include: RTC North, Critical Data Ltd, DocoboLtd, ADL SmartcareLtd, Years Ahead, CybermoorServices Ltd, Age Concern Newcastle, Manus NeurodynamicaLtd, Limbs Alive Ltd, IntraHealthLtd