Connected Home & Community

The Connected Home & Community activity is exploring how pervasive computing technologies and experience-centred design methods can be used to support people in their activities of daily living and their relationship with friends and family. Although we consider the impact of such technologies and methods on the whole community, we are particularly interested in older people, people with age-related cognitive and physical impairments, intergenerational communication, and the mental wellbeing of younger people. Read more



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Featured Case Study

Ambient Kitchen

Conditions such as dementia can have a sizeable impact on a person’s ability to remain independent. Even simple tasks like making a cup of tea can prove problematic. The Ambient Kitchen assists with these simple but valued tasks, creating an environment that recognises what activity the person is performing, and assisting where necessary.

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Ambient Kitchen

SiDE's Ambient Kitchen was featured in a special edition of the BBC programme Horizon. Read More
Date: 22.05.2014


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Date: 15.01.2015