Connected Community – Case Studies


Ambient Kitchen

Conditions such as dementia can have a sizeable impact on a person’s ability to remain independent. Even simple tasks like making a cup of tea can prove problematic. The Ambient Kitchen assists with these simple but valued tasks, creating an environment that recognises what activity the person is performing, and assisting where necessary. Read More

Google Glass for Parkinson's Disease

Researchers at Newcastle University are investigating how Google Glass' features can offer support to sufferers of Parkinson’s, a progressive neurological condition which affects up to 10 million people worldwide. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

Personhood In Dementia

SiDE is working with people with early-stage dementia to see how items can restore a sense of self by restoring memories of the past, of their interests and their personality. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

Reminiscence Room

Using one of the quiet rooms in the facility, researchers created a interactive "Reminiscence Room" to support communication between residents with chronic dementia and their families and staff members. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

Swallowing in Parkinson’s

SiDE is working with clinician Richard Walker and speech language therapist Nick Miller to investigate ways to sense or prompt swallowing using digital technologies. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

  • Open Movement Sensors - How can we get an accurate idea of what a person is doing at a given moment in time?

  • Open Movement - OpenMovement is a collection of opensource hardware sensors and software tools for research use.

  • The Lovers’ Box - SiDE is seeking to achieve a deeper understanding of the potential of digital technologies to truly “connect” people.

  • Craftcube - CraftCube houses a collection of pieces that reveal a trajectory of digital jewellery research into memory and memory loss designed by Jayne Wallace.

  • Approaches to Banking for the Older Old - What sort of banking tools can help older people to engage with an increasingly digital banking world?

  • My Great North Run - Two important research topics for SiDE are the development of design methods for older people, and technologies that support and enhance intergenerational communication.

  • Sensors & activity recognition - A fundamental challenge for much of the “Connected Home and Community” activity on SiDE is reasoning about what people are doing at any moment in time. This is an open problem in computer science known as activity recognition.

  • Expressive Photography - Challenges in the classroom around social inclusion and technologies have, to date, been particularly underexplored in relation to photography.

  • Digital Technology in Play Therapy with Children - The purpose of this research is to investigate how children and play therapists could use digital technology at different stages of play therapy.