Digital Technology in Play Therapy with Children

child and therapist using play therapy table

The purpose of this research is to investigate how children and play therapists could use digital technology at different stages of play therapy. The study also aims to establish a para­digm of understanding as to what the advantages and barriers are for the use of multi-touch digital technology in play therapy. Non-directive play therapy principles and theories were followed to design a creative, expressive package Magic Land, which allows a child to make avatars, create comic books, pick, resize and rotate images etc. on a digital tabletop.

A number of play therapists in the North East of England, London and Canada were involved into the design and evaluation process. It was tested for interface usability in video recorded sessions by eight primary school children. We have also trialed it in the role-plays with therapists before the preliminary evaluation in play therapy sessions. At the moment the Magic Land is being prepared for the main 3 months trial in the North East of England and Canada.

CHI paper on Play Therapy:

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