Approaches to Banking for the Older Old


What sort of banking tools can help older people to engage with an increasingly digital banking world?

The Banking for the Older Old project combined the expertise of SiDE, Northumbria University and the University of York to find ways to re-connect those that have been excluded from modern banking practices. The investigation was run in collaboration with Age UK, Barclays and peer-to-peer lending service Zopa.

It focused on individuals over 80, many of whom have not taken up the technology due to distrust or increased dependence. The project is looking at topics such as cheque replacement and biometric security additions, and the group is lobbying companies and politicians on issues such as financial abuse.

This research has since been followed up with a study of low-income individuals in the North East of England, gathering their experiences of money, banking and how digital technology has both helped and hindered their financial affairs. The study is investigating the potential for digital technologies that assist people on tight budgets with prioritising, planning and hiding transactions.

The project received an honourable mention at this year’s ACM CHI conference in Toronto.

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