Reminiscence Room


In Roseberry Park Hospital in Middlesbrough, there’s a room that helps people remember.
Using one of the quiet rooms in the facility, researchers created a interactive “Reminiscence Room” to support communication between residents with chronic dementia and their families and staff members.

Roseberry Park Hospital is a purpose-built mental health facility which is part of St Luke’s Hospital in Middlesbrough. Many people in the facility suffer from chronic dementia, and the digital installation provides an interactive environment for reminiscence.
The room is furnished to look like a bygone living room, with curtains, a lamp, leather chairs and a TV cabinet. Outside the room are seven themed crafted resin globes. When these globes are placed on top of the TV, it sets one of several short films in motion, featuring footage from Middlesbrough Football Club and the Northern Film Archive.

Drawers beneath each globe are filled with various objects on that theme; these can be handled, related to the footage, and talked about along with the film and the globes. Many of these objects were provided by the Beamish Museum, which offered up items dating from the 1800s to the present day.

The combination sight, sound and touch gives patients a multi-sensory experience, and provides residents and staff with an opportunity to reminisce in private or in groups.

The Reminiscence Room was created in collaboration with Gavin Wood and Guy Schofield, as well as Middlesbrough Football Club, the Northern Film Archive and RASKL design.

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