Monitoring of Upper Limb Rehabilitation and Recovery after Stroke Through Gaming


SiDE researchers will be involved in a new project funded by the Wellcome Trust and Department of Health (DoH) under the Health Innovation Challenge Fund. The project, Monitoring of Upper Limb Rehabilitation and Recovery after Stroke Through Gaming, in collaboration with “Limbs Alive”, will explore the recovery from stroke through gaming and SiDE researchers will investigate the related business and technical challenges. Through gaming at home the project aims to deliver highly motivating therapy for relearning arm and hand movements to stroke patients. The service will analyse arm and hand movements during the playing of video games in order to provide feedback to the patient and their therapist via the internet. SiDE researchers from Technology, Business and Connected Community will utilise the “e-Science Central” infrastructure, which already allows the capture and analysis of very large data sets from multiple users, as the basis for a platform and will explore the issues of creating user friendly interfaces for all stakeholders. Business researchers will consider the development of effective business models for such a service. Limbs Alive Ltd was founded by Professor Janet Eyre and Mrs Janice Pearse, Senior Occupational Therapist, in partnership with Newcastle University and The Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust to address the need for rehabilitation of arm and hand use after stroke. In 2010 the company won the Cels Business for Life Partnership with the NHS Award and was a finalist in Blueprint: The North East Universities Business Planning Competition. In 2011 it was awarded a HEFCE UnLtd Social Entrepreneur Award and was a finalist in the Medilink National Awards.

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