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Cinehack is a place to share low-cost technology and tips for those shooting films, documentaries and live events on a budget.

Thanks to accessible technology such as the DSLR camera and digital editing tools, ingenious film-makers can now create their movies at near-broadcast quality. Tools such as the smartphone and social media has also provided new ways to capture and share live events, from music to sport.

Cinehack collects tips and tricks on how to get around common technical problems with film, from lighting to production planning. The project emerged from an interactive film project called Orientation, which was produced in 2011.

The site currently includes a number of solutions, including a low-cost motion control systems which allow directors to control camera movements. It also assists musicians and fans with the best ways to capture live events.

Cinehack was demonstrated at Bestival music festival on the Isle of Wight in 2012, and it is hoped the project will encourage young adults to get involved in the creative industries.

Cinehack was presented at the Digital Economy 2013 conference in Salford.

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