Future Options Pack


SiDE is collaborating on a project initiated by the young people of the Regional Youth Work Unit’s Youth Advisory Board. This process aimed to empower young people and to allow them to find their way through the educational options that are open to them, and to allow them to open a dialogue on this with their parents. The result is an information pack in the form of a playful interactive game. We assisted them in implementing the game themselves as a participatory design process, with weekly meetings over a period of two months. This process empowered the young people, allowing them to keep control of the project and to gain the digital skills needed to develop and maintain it. The young people were actively involved in all aspects of the game’s design and development: its ‘look & feel’, how it was programmed, its structure, and the way in which users interact with it. We are now taking part in the pilot evaluation of the game across a set of schools, before it is widely distributed.

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