Interactive and Mobile Music


SiDE has been working with music agency Generator on a programme which opens the minds of young people to new ways of creating music.

The Urban Music Training programme provides guidance, equipment and support to those with a desire to become DJs, producers, and performers.

Culture Lab Newcastle supplied technology for a Remix Your Instrument workshop, which built on the existing music skills of participants, while giving them license to explore processes and technologies that lead to more experimental sounds. The technology consisted of open-source software and hardware that was easy to use and modify.

It was also involved in the Remix Your Hood workshop, which was focused on the creative use of mobile phones and MP3 player. This workshop uses RjDj, a free, open-source, reactive music application that remixes ambient sounds into music in real time. This enables users to view their own environment with new eyes, engage with it, and be creative.

This workshop allowed participants to take part in brainstorming design sessions, create their own compositions, and “hack” speakers out of surfaces including windows and junk boxes.

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