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In recent years, the increased availability of digital video editing equipment (i.e. smartphones and low-cost digital cameras) has led to the emergence of a range of novel practices surrounding the consumption of live events, such as musical performances and sports. For example, fans of live music can capture, share and discuss the performances of their favourite bands on social media, while football fans have been seen to curate and edit short videos of important moments in matches, often by simply capturing an image of their television screen. These emergent bootlegging practices commonly involve young people becoming involved in the creative use of technologies that align with those utilised throughout the creative industries and wider digital economy (e.g. video capture, video editing software). This project would explore how these emergent practices might be leveraged as the basis of technological interventions that seek to inspire and motivate young adults to become involved in, and develop skills appropriate to, the creative industries.

The project builds upon the work of the SiDE Creative activity conducted in the first phase of the project, by seeking to further explore how participation in creative practices can engage disadvantaged young people in the creative economy. However, the project would seek to widen the potential for participation amongst young people by leveraging existing creative practices as the basis of a technological intervention.

The output of the project will be a suite of participatory media tools and services to support the emergent practices of bootlegging and to stimulate engagement in creative industries.

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