The role of technology in participation and engagement in the arts


Organised by Leeds Metropolitan University’s Knowledge Exchange Network, this series of seminars aim is to create opportunities for knowledge exchange between cultural researchers, policy makers, managers and practitioners, from across the North of England.  This seminar, ‘the role of technology in participation and engagement in the arts’ was the fifth seminar in the series around for which the SiDE Creative Industries team worked closely to organise and host.

Speakers invited included Sarah Cook (CRUMB, Sunderland University), Rachel Clarke (Ph.D. researcher, Culture Lab), Georgina Chatfield, (Senior Developer, Arts and society, RSA) and Alan Ramsay (Director, Roots and Wings).

Sarah Cook’s talk, ‘The authored curatorial and the group curatorial: a critique of curating as a crowd-sourced activity’ how social media and technology has changed how audience’s, become not only participants in a project but also curators, ‘tastemakers’ and collaborator through the online activities of filtering, blogging, editing and commenting.

Rachel Clarke, discussed in her talk ‘Collective Making as a Resource for Bespoke Participatory Design’ the work and research she is currently undertaking as part of her Ph.D. around exploring the use of open platforms and textiles using participatory arts and design methods in a multi-cultural women’s centre as part of their personal and social development.

Georgina Chatfield in ‘The role of technology in Citizen Power Peterborough: what we are learning’ talked about the project to build connections between people and communities, get them more involved in public life and encourage active citizenship.

Alan Ramsey discussed the work of Roots & Wings for his presentation. ‘Multimedia design for people, paper and pixels’, who work with communities and groups in the North-East considered marginalised, or disadvantaged through the creation of websites, documentaries, animations and interactive DVDs, using digital photography, videography, music production and online design.

This seminar was the last in the series with the intention of working towards the Knowledge Exchange Networks large summer conference ‘Participation and Engagement in The Arts’ in collaboration with Cultural Trends journal taking place in June 2012.

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