Regional Youth Work Unit


SiDE is working with the Regional Youth Work Unit – North East, a registered charity which works across the North of East of England to promote and support the development of youth work, to explore ways in which creative practices around digital technologies can complement their work with young people in the region. A key goal of the project is to develop a genuine environment of co-production, where all those involved can contribute and where mutual learning can take place. As a first step in this process a steering group of young people visited Culture Lab in January, which resulted in a number of ideas for future collaborations. In parallel, SiDE is engaging in the development of an interactive game that the youth steering group has come up with to encourage and help their peers in their choice of education. SiDE is also working with the cultural centre Tyneside Cinema in their Learning Revolution programme: a 3-months long festival of over 60 events and activities centred around the theme of digital technology and learning. SiDE’s contribution to the programme is a series of free and open workshops called The Silver Web that progressively introduce senior citizens to computing, internet and social networking. As opposed to following a fixed curriculum, the workshops acknowledge and accomodate for diverse levels of technical skills and are tailored around the needs expressed by the participants themselves, while aiming to lead towards a tangible and collaborative community-building final outcome that may live on after the sessions end. SiDE is in the process of exploring forms of collaborations with regional cultural actors such as Culture Parade, Generator and Helix Arts. Each of these collaborations will be specially geared to the kind of approaches these actors have to inclusion work. Partnerships will include practical work as well as knowledge exchange in terms of methodologies, practices and technologies.

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