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PosterVote is a cheap and simple tool that allows activists to gauge opinion without extensive canvassing.

Users print out a poster that features multiple-choice questions, and attach it to a bespoke circuit board with five LEDs. Each multiple-choice option has its own LED, and users can press the box on the poster to register their choice.

Activists can collect the results by filming the pattern of LEDs flashing on their phones, and uploading the video to a specifically-created site which will translate it into actionable results.

PosterVote has been designed to collect opinions in communities that might not have access to expensive canvassing resources. It has been trialled in Ouseburn and Jesmond, and underwent further tests earlier this year.

Studies into alternative approaches to inclusive voting have also produced BallotShare, a polling platform in which users can see what their friends are voting for but have to make choices as to which polls they fill in. Users must submit a token to participate in a vote, and they only have a limited number.

The exploration of e-voting to boost participation was awarded the Best Student Paper at the Digital Economy 2013 conference in Salford.

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