Inclusive Transport – Case Studies

collage of older drivers

Drive Lab

SiDE has set up DriveLAB to identify issues with an older person’s driving, and to identify areas that may cause stress. The simulator includes features such as eye-trackers to assess where they are looking on the road and bio-monitors to measure stress levels. Read More

Intelligent Speed Adaptation

SiDE has conducted research that indicates that younger drivers tend to speed more on roads with higher speed limits, while older drivers have problems regulating their speed on roads with 20-40mph restrictions. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

In-vehicle Navigation Systems

Researchers from SiDE’s Inclusive Transport team are investigating how in-vehicle navigation systems can be improved to meet the needs of older drivers. This research takes the form of focus groups, data collection, travel diaries and observations in the car and the simulator. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

Driver Distraction

Researchers from SiDE’s transport team are laying the groundwork for these systems by investigating the impact of distraction on individual drivers, putting volunteers through their paces in a professional driving simulator. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

A Study of Older Drivers

The number of older drivers on the roads is increasing and the number of female older drivers is set to increase faster than males. Older drivers, as a group, are suffering from age-related functional deteriorations and a higher fatality rate than the average driver. Read More
date: 20.06.2013