An eScience Infrastructure For Monitoring Older Drivers


To further explore driving behaviour and the vulnerability of eolder drivers as road users we will need to monitor moving vehicles. This involves collecting and analysing data from a large network of spatially and temporally varying sources  which exhibit widely fluctuating characteristics regarding vehicle performance and traffic conditions. Datasets streamed from in-built vehicle sensors and traffic control systems must be collected and integrated with relation to the topography of the road networks.

Our work has built an adaptive infrastructure to handle heterogeneous data in this highly dynamic environment, efficiently processing and disseminating information in real time.

Data for every individual journey performed by a vehicle is analysed and can be disseminated using various platforms such as a web site, mobile phone ,email alerts, in-car control panel and traffic control systems which in turn can be used to advise drivers and adjust control systems such as traffic lights.

In addition, for electric vehicles we can see that identical spatial journeys illustrate different regimes of battery drain based on the driving behavior and it may be possible to broadly classify a driver into categories such as “efficient”, “range wary”, “aggressive” or “cautious”.

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Researchers: Visalakshmi Suresh and Paul Watson