In-Vehicle System for Older Drivers


The aim of this research is to support older drivers’ continued mobility through application of emerging digital technologies. To address this, the project is exploring how In-Vehicle Navigation has the potential to enhance driver confidence on unfamiliar roads. However, IVNS are currently not considered as a solution for older drivers. Therefore, focus groups will be conducted with older adults from the SiDE user pools at Dundee and Newcastle to understand the requirements for an in-vehicle navigation system. The research then aims to develop an IVNS based on older drivers’ requirements and trial the system in the Newcastle University driving simulator. An assessment will be carried out of the potential benefits of the developed system in enhancing confidence on unfamiliar roads, thus allowing older drivers to remain active for longer. This research is expected to inform policy to overcome the challenges that the UK and many other developed countries are facing in maintaining safe and inclusive mobility for an ageing population. It is hoped the work will provide evidence of the role that emerging digital technologies may play in addressing these issues.

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Amy Guo

Researchers: Amy Guo, Brake, J.F., Simon Edwards, Phil Blythe, and Fairchild, R.G.