CENEX launch Smart Move report


CENEX, the Centre of Excellence for low carbon and Fuel cell technology launched the ‘Smart Move Trial’ report at the Green Vehicle Congress, held at the Baltic Centre, Gateshead on the 25th March 2010. The report summarise the evaluation of the four electric Smart-Cars which were trialled in the North East from October 2009 to February 2010. The data logging system and the subsequent analysis of the data derived from the vehicles were developed and analysed by a Lakshmi Suresh and Dr Graeme Hill as part of the ultra low carbon vehicle research team led by Professor Phil Blythe. This report provides and insight into users views on the performance and general acceptability of electric vehicles as well as developing new techniques to monitor and assess the performance of electric vehicles in ‘real world’ driving situations to help the industry understand the issues associated with electric vehicles being a significant proportion of the road vehicle fleet in future years. The in vehicle technology and analysis techniques developed for this project will be utilised to develop the SIDE driving-lab instrumented vehicle which will provide a facility to monitor and assess the driving performance of older drivers and explore how new digital economy technologies could possibly be developed to assist older drivers in driving safer for longer.

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