Road Safety Week Launch success

Amy Guo and Gareth Evans in the driving simulator

SiDE’s Transport team hosted the launch of Road Safety Week in association with the charity Brake. The event focussed on driver distraction and highlighted the research conducted within the project, which suggests that using a hands free mobile device can be as distracting as a hand held device, especially when engaged in an intense conversation. The event attracted a great deal of media attention and researchers were featured on BBC Breakfast, ITV and Sky News. In addition to the press launch we hosted a seminar and panel debate session with Transport experts including Professor Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association. The panel members provided data on driver distractions, potential future legislative issues. The audience posed questions around individual responsibility and the role of  Technology in preventing driver distraction and collisions on the roads. The debate attracted over 50 people who also visited the Driving Lab to view the data collected throughout the driver distraction study.

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Amy Guo – Lead researcher