KTP project success for Prof Feng Li and Business and Decisions Ltd


This is a KTP between Professor Feng Li and IT consulting company Business & Decisions (B&D) Ltd, to research the technological and business directions of Case Management software in public and industry sector organisations and to produce and implement a sustainable long-term business strategy. The business advisor for the project is former CIO of Barclays and Aviva, Mr Ian Marshall. The associate is Suzana Janackova. Case Management is an established application, but B&D has been very innovative in applying the tools in new areas and domains. One application is using Case Management tools to manage the rehabilitation of inmates in prisons in the USA. By adding case management as a new layer on top of the existing statutory proceses without the need for fully integration and business process reengineering, this significantly reduces the risks of project failures and allows the new applications to be implemented quickly. Furthermore, the case management process can continue after the inmates leave prison when other statutory processes have ended. Strategically, such new applications are particularly important for an IT consulting company such as B&D, where revenues can fluctuate significantly but the costs remain constant. The licence and maintenance fees from such applications can stablise revenue streames and the resilence of the company in facing turbulent market changes.

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