Position papers


The Smart Home & Ambient Kitchen

Research is focussed on a systematic literature review of the Smart Home concept (business-related issues) and a comparison of  theoretical perspectives on smart homes vs. the business model approach. The work will look at the historical developments of the smart home concept (technological configuration vs. product integration), market opportunities and barriers, existing business models and possible market development scenarios.

Online communities

Despite the growing interest in mass collaboration and online organising, little theoretical and empirical research has done regarding the communication and organisational processes in Online Communities (OCs). Our work divides OCs into ten categories: e-commerce sites, 3D virtual world, social networking sites (SNS), content creating sites, content sharing sites, chat rooms, bookmarking sites, blogging, online forums/discussion boards and online gaming.Research is seeking to understand the theoretical background of OCs and considering further empirical studies on active, sustainable OCs.

Intelligent transport systems

Research is focussing onintelligent transport from a business perspective, especially on establishing a possible business case for intelligent transport systems, identification of the main stakeholders in the industry, investigation of the current market and its prospects for expansion and suggestions for sustainable business models. Also, the relationship between social inclusion and transport, namely, how transport is associated and/or causes social exclusion, mobility, accessibility and affordability issues for socially excluded people.

Contact Us

Researchers: Malgorzata Ciesielska, Kostas Giannoutakis and Zilia Iskoujina

For Online Communities please contact Dr Zilia Iskoujina, e-mail: zilia.iskoujina@ncl.ac.uk, office phone: +44 191 246 4645

For Ambient Kitchens please contact Dr Malgorzata Ciesielska, email: M.ciesielska@ncl.ac.uk

For Intelligent Transport please contact Dr Kostas Giannoutakis, email: Kostas.Giannoutakis@ncl.ac.uk