Privacy In Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are pervasive in our everyday lives.  Increasingly, such devices are gathering, storing, processing and communicating personal, and often sensitive information to facilitate a wide range of assistive tasks, such as route navigation.  This can yield significant benefits in terms of the speed, safety or convenience with which these tasks can be performed.  Conversely, there is a danger that this information will be utilized in a manner which violates our privacy.  For example, location information may be utilized for survelliance in addition to route navigation.

In this work, we study the process of deciding whether, when and to whom we permit access to personal information on our mobile phones, based on the risk that our privacy may be violated.  Moreover, the work investigates the feasibility of decision support tools for users of mobile phones, which inform the decisions of users by drawing on the knowledge of domain experts.  This would enable users to make more informed and systemmtic decisions with regard to access to personal information, such that the decision considers the potential benefits and the risk of privacy violations.

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