SiDE user panel


Researchers and technologist need the opinions of the users to create tools and solutions that really matter.

The SiDE User Panels feature older people with differing opinions of technology, from those who enjoy technology to those who are not engaged with it at all. The insights of these panel members give researchers the opportunity to confirm theories, and learn of new challenges and needs within the older community.

The panels have been invaluable in supporting research in fields such as SiDE’s Inclusive Transport, Connected Community, Accessibility and Creative Industries groups. The users themselves are based in Dundee and the surrounding area.

Participants have assisted with:

A study of how older users interact with social networking sites such as Facebook, building up a list of recommendations on how developers can create more user-friendly interfaces

A collection of stories about how technology has improved or affected the lives of older users, which are collected on a stand-alone website at

Research into the barriers stopping older listeners from contributing to radio and TV debates, and whether technology may be able to tackle this disenfranchisement.

The panels have given researchers crucial insights into what users like and dislike about various technologies, how technology has helped or hindered their life, and how it can be made more useful and usable.

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