Tweet My Street

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A vast amount of comment and discussion flows through Twitter. About 400 million 140-character messages are sent per day, from locations around the world.

We know what’s “trending” globally and in various countries, but what can we learn about the messages being shared at a local community level?

Tweet My Street combines the skills of geographers and computer scientists to help researchers to analyse localised social media data more effectively. The project was initially piloted in the West End of Newcastle and has since been expanded to the entire North East England region.

As part of the project, a piece of analytics software has been created that enables researchers to filter and visualise geo-located tweets, and identify local issues, patterns and trends.  This provides a better understanding of how Twitter activity relates to individual and community issues in the real world.

The wider aim of Tweet My Street is to look how social media such as Twitter can be used to learn more about thoughts and feelings of the community in deprived and widely-excluded areas, and to investigate ways to engage and open channels of communication.

A paper on the project was presented at the World Social Science Forum in Montreal in October 2013.


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Mearns G, Simmonds R, Richardson R, Turner M, Watson P, Missier P. Tweet My Street: A Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration for the Analysis of Local Twitter Data. Future Internet 2014, 6, 378-396.