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Youth organisations are increasingly under pressure to improve their engagement with young people at a reduced cost. Social media can play a part in this, if applied properly.

Net Assets is a study of how digital technologies might be used to tackle social issues in many different ways. The project is led by the Regional Youth Work Unit, and gives young people the opportunity to engage in the political campaign of their choice. The year-long project is being observed by SiDE researchers Liz Robson and Graeme Mearns.

The Regional Youth Work Unit has selected a diverse group of young people to participate in the project, in which they will pick a campaign and develop a plan to tackle it using social media. The initiative is designed so that both students and researchers learn valuable insights about communication and engagement along the way.

Liz is interested in any lessons that organisations and policy-makers can learn about how to use social media safely and effectively, while Graeme’s main focus is on the democratising potential of social media in this area.

Some of the early findings of this study were shared at the Association of American Geographers annual conference.

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