Silver Surfers present in Chicago

silver surfers and Angela Abbott presenting at the conference

Angela Abbott presented co-produced research alongside the Sage ‘Silver Surfers’ at the Third Interdisciplinary Conference on Aging and Society in Chicago. This was a unique opportunity for SiDE to present research from the collaborative work with Sage. The paper focussed on Angela’s work with older adult’s music programme and its potential impact on wellbeing in later life. A brief abstract of the paper is below:

This paper presents early findings of a community-researcher led project which focuses on a successful (and heavily over-subscribed) older adults’ music programme in the North East of England, UK. The qualitative research was conducted by a team of researchers who are existing members of the music programme, with research support offered by Newcastle University as part of civic engagement. Focus groups and interviews were conducted with a range of participants involved in the various creative and musical opportunities of the programme, including long-standing members, newer members, those who participated in only a few activities, and those who were more heavily engaged. The research sought to understand why the programme is so popular among older adults; how individual participants have experienced and engaged with the programme over time; and what can be learned about the role of music, creativity and group participation for enhancing wellbeing in later life.


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