The perception of trust, or the lack thereof, is an overarching theme in social inclusion. In technological terms trust has been researched to a more limited extent than security, probably because it is a more complex problem that cannot be solved by technological means alone. Nevertheless, the acceptance of any software platform, any user interface, and any business model, stands or falls with the existence and nurturing of trust.

The technology strategy around trust is to build a software infrastructure that contains a layer that represents the computational trust layer. This layer can be implemented by reputation systems, economic mechanisms, trusted third parties or possibly other means. A software layer for trust is fundamentally different from more traditional system properties, such as security, dependability or scalability. Trust is a supplement to all these, and in some cases can supersede any system property in importance. The technology perspective will explore issues of trust and security for the delivery of digital technologies within the SiDE project. Read more


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In modern society, a number of health issues can be traced back to a lack of physical activity or sleep.

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We are delighted to announce, that following a successful application to the EPSRC, we have been awarded a Centre for Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data. Read More
Date: 02.04.2014


This year's DE conference will be hosted by Imperial on 3-5 December in London. Read More
Date: 03.12.2014