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In modern society, a number of health issues can be traced back to a lack of physical activity or sleep. Read More

Privacy In Mobiles

Are mobile phone users aware of the potential privacy issues of storing and sharing information online? And would anything change if they were? Read More
date: 13.10.2014

Technology for Domestic Violence Survivors

Can technology help victims of domestic violence to seek help discreetly? Read More
date: 26.05.2014

Electronic Footprints in the Sand

How can we use technology to help victims of domestic violence and abusive relationships to find help? Read More
date: 13.10.2014

e-Science Central

E-Science Central gives scientists the ability to upload, analyse and share data, using the power of the Cloud. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

  • Open Movement - OpenMovement is a collection of opensource hardware sensors and software tools for research use.

  • Privacy In Mobile Phones - Mobile phones are pervasive in our everyday lives. Increasingly, such devices are gathering, storing, processing and communicating personal, and often sensitive information to facilitate a wide range of assistive tasks, such as route navigation.

  • An eScience Infrastructure For Monitoring Older Drivers - To further explore driving behaviour and the vulnerability of eolder drivers as road users we will need to monitor moving vehicles.

  • Tweet My Street - Tweet My Street combines the skills of geographers and computer scientists to help researchers to analyse localised social media data more effectively. The project was initially piloted in the West End of Newcastle and has since been expanded to the entire North East England region.

  • User Managed Access - Aad van Moorsel's work on User Managed Access (UMA) will help protect vulnerable users against the misuse of sensitive data such as employment history, health or educational records.