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E-Science Central gives scientists the ability to upload, analyse and share data, using the power of the Cloud.

Developments in Cloud technology have provided researchers with more computational power than ever, as well as an ability to access this power whenever they need it. However, they do not necessarily have the ability to create or maintain the applications they need to do the calculations that will provide the right results.

E-Science Central is a Software as a Service application which enables scientists to upload data, edit and run workflows and share results with other collaborators, using only a web browser. It can be used on both public and private clouds, and provides scalable, secure and dependable applications for science research groups.

Data is private by default, but can be shared with individuals, with selected groups, or simply made public.

E-Science Central has already been used in:

The MOVE eCloud project, in which nurses and healthcare workers can extract and analyse data on a patient’s sleep and activity, drawn from an accelerometer on their body.

The National X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Centre at Newcastle University, which is collecting and visualising spectral data

An existing project that builds models of chemical properties by processing large amounts of chemical activity data

Since inception, over two million workflow executions have been enacted on E-Science Central. The application gives scientists access to the power of Cloud computing, even if they don’t have the expertise to build the applications they need.

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Paul Watson (paul.watson@ncl.ac.uk)


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