Privacy In Mobiles

demonstration of mobile phone apps

Are mobile phone users aware of the potential privacy issues of storing and sharing information online? And would anything change if they were?

The mobile phone now serves a range of functions, from time-keeper to route-navigator to social tool. This requires us to input a large amount of personal – and possibly sensitive information – about our location, our interests, our finances, our networks and our personal characteristics.

By doing so, we can improve the speed and efficiency of tasks we carry out in our daily lives. But we also run the risk of giving away information to those who may violate our privacy, whether by data collection or surveillance.

Researchers are investigating what makes us decide to grant access to our personal information on mobile phones, and who we deem trustworthy. The project also looks at the feasibility of tools which draw on expert knowledge to give mobile phone users the information they need to make decisions.

The aim is to help users make more informed decisions, with full consideration of the risks and benefits of giving up personal information in a variety of circumstances.

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