Centre for Doctoral Training Success

cloud computing

We are delighted to announce, that following a successful application to the EPSRC, we have been awarded a Centre for Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data.

Paul Watson, Professor of Computing Science, said: “This is fantastic news and we are so grateful for the huge amount of support we received to help us secure this bid.
“Cloud computing provides vast computing resources on-demand. It has become important due to the growth of “big data”: the large, complex, datasets now being created in almost all fields of activity, from healthcare to e-commerce.“Unfortunately, due to a lack of tools and skilled people, the full potential of cloud computing for extracting knowledge from big data has rarely been achieved outside a few large companies. It is estimated that this shortage is costing UK industry millions of pounds each year.
“The Newcastle University CDT will fill this gap by producing the multi-disciplinary experts in the statistics and computing science required to extract knowledge from big data.”
Supporting the bid, Dr Mark Little, CTO JBoss, Red Hat, said: “Given the strategic importance of Big Data to the UK economy and industry concerns over the severe shortage of those with expertise in this area, this CDT is crucial to meeting a strategic UK need.”