E-Footprints work featured in EPSRC Pioneer magazine

Electronic footprints in the sand - image of a beach

The Electronic Footprints in the Sand project, led by Budi Arief and Martin Emms has been featured in EPSRC’s Pioneer magazine. The researchers developed an application, to assist survivors of domestic violence in gaining access to potential helplines, without their abusers finding out. They have worked in collaboration with the Angelou Centre, in Newcastle upon Tyne to develop and test a number of different options.
Lead researcher, Dr Budi Arief, says: “Any online access leaves behind an electronic trail. For most of us this is a useful record but for someone living in fear of abuse the very systems set up to help them can actually be used against them. “What our technology does is erase these electronic footprints, allowing people to seek help in safety without fear of reprisal.” Once accessed, the app selectively wipes clean the user’s digital footprints while leaving other electronic trails intact – a completely clean browsing history raises suspicions.

The researchers plan to develop their ideas further over and test further options with users.