Technology Training for Regional Charities

image of regional training event

Working in collaboration with Newcastle University’s Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security (CCCS) and the Northumbria Local Criminal Justice Board (LCJB), SiDE helped organise a networking and technology training event for members of victim’s charities in the North East.

The event, held on July 6, 2011, returned 60 members of regional Independent Sexual/Domestic Violence Agencies (ISVA/IDVA) to the classroom. Participants received training in the use of a (Google) document sharing web site, developed by the CCCS in collaboration with LCJB, that allows local charities to share information.

Motivated by funding shortages affecting local charities, LCJB approched the School of Computing Science to investigate if online methods could supplement face-to-face meetings. The Google site, allowing charities to share information, was subsequently developed by John Mace (a PhD student in the CCCS).

60 members, from more than 30 regional charities, attended the event where, in the morning, they were guided through the basic use of the web site by student volunteers, including John Mace, Martin Emms, James Turland, Yusnaidi Yusof, Matthew Forshaw, Khaled Alekeish, Su-Yang Yu and Chandrika Bhardwaj.

Over lunch there were various show-and-tell presentations including PhD student Martin Emms’ work on removing the digital footprints a victim may leave behind when searching for help on-line.

In the afternoon, the attendees were treated to four thought-provoking presentations by IDVA/ISVA workers. Emma Moir, from the Local Criminal Justice Board, -`who organised the networking event said: “It was fantastic to see the quality and variety of the presentations but also the ‘buzz’ and enthusiasm from the delegates in return. The launch of the website has been a huge success.”


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