Users – Case Studies

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Grumpy Old Debate

How do we get more people involved in better arguments? Read More

Voice North

VOICENorth is a large panel of more than 1,500 members of the public. Volunteers in the group participate in focus groups, workshops and questionnaires to refine and suggest new ways of developing services and technology. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

SiDE user panel

The SiDE User Panels feature older people with differing opinions of technology, from those who enjoy technology to those who are not engaged with it at all. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

Skype Seniors

Can video technology such as Skype enable older people to pass on their knowledge to students in an engaging way? Read More
date: 13.10.2014

Social Networking For Older Adults

While social networking platforms such as Facebook have made it easier to communicate with friends and family, there’s evidence of a digital divide between young and old. Read More
date: 13.10.2014

  • Cognitive Modelling - SiDE is working with Carnegie Mellon University and the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center in New York to study how age-related issues such as reduced vision, cognitive and motor skills affect how older users behave on computers.

  • Adaptive Interfaces - People have very different skills and capabilities. So how can we create interfaces that adapt to their abilities?

  • Portrait - The Portrait system is a useful conversation-starter for care home workers looking to spark a chat with residents.

  • BE-SiDE - How can we make care homes more accessible and welcoming to older people?