Social Networking For Older Adults

elderly couple using laptop

While social networking platforms such as Facebook have made it easier to communicate with friends and family, there’s evidence of a digital divide between young and old.

A number of older people choose not to use this technology for a variety of reasons. According to Ofcom, 92% of 16-25-year-olds have set up a social media profile, compared to 25% of people over 65.

This project set out to identify reasons why older users may decide not to use social media platforms, and to compile a list of recommendations that may help developers avoid common pitfalls when designing such platforms.

A number of barriers were highlighted, including a fear of committing social blunders, a lack of confidence, concerns over security and a dislike of the “cold” nature of online communication. Two focus groups of participants over 60-years-old were drawn from the SiDE User Pool, made up of both users and non-users of social networking platforms.

Following consultation with these users, a prototype platform was devised containing a number of changes in font, security and functionality. Alterations included increasing the size of the text, selecting a high privacy setting by default, limiting email notifications by default, deleting adverts and removing location tagging.

The aim is to develop this research to analyse a wider range of social networking platforms, and to look at the barriers that emerge as such platforms evolve.

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