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SiDE’s research is carried out with the assistance of a wide variety of people.

Volunteers and members of the public give their time to assist with research, giving researchers vital information about the issues and opinions of many different groups in our society.

VOICENorth is based at Newcastle University’s Institute of Ageing and Health, and is a large panel of more than 1,500 members of the public. Volunteers in the group participate in focus groups, workshops and questionnaires to refine and suggest new ways of developing services and technology.

VOICENorth also works with the business community to help them understand the needs and desires of that particular audience.

To date, the group has supported more than 80 research projects designed to improve life for older people.

These include:

The development of a website which encourages people to increase their physical activity and address unhealthy behaviour.

The testing of a wrist-worn recording device that monitors conversations, which was part of a study into the role social interaction plays in recovery from neurological disorders and depression.

The recruitment of volunteers to work with school pupils via Skype, in order to pass on their knowledge and help students with learning

A study into the effects of beetroot juice on blood pressure and cardiovascular health

The completion of a number of tasks on a driving simulator, enabling researchers to investigate how subjects responded to directions based on nearby landmarks as opposed to the directions found on road maps

The group’s interests range from business to education, exercise, nutrition, science and transport.

You can find out more about VOICENorth at http://www.ncl.ac.uk/changingage/engagement/voicenorth/. To get involved with VOICENorth, email VOICENorth@ncl.ac.uk or telephone 0191 208 1144.

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