SiDE user event – Elder’s Council AGM


The Newcastle and Dundee User pools are at the core of all our research and we recruit through a number of different agencies including charities, community organisation and specialist user groups such as the Elder’s council of Newcastle.

SiDE recently assisted in organising and facilitating their annual general meeting (AGM). This year’s AGM focused on the theme of keeping in touch and technology. The event allowed older people to experiment with a various pieces of modern technology.  SiDE team members demonstrated the technology and explained how technology can assist people in retaining their social networks and their independence, both key for older adults.

Many of the older adults have made a significant contribution to SiDE’s research endeavours and assistance with such events afford us to interact with even more of our key users.

The Elders Council of Newcastle has more than 2,000 members, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Their role as the voice of older people in Newcastle is carried out through a variety of working groups, which address issues that matter to older people across the city.

The current working groups are:

  • Transport and Highways Group: Looks at issues including the cost of travel and the quality of bus services and seeral members have contributed SiDE’s older driver study.
  • Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods: Key messages from a number of different projects/workshops which members have participated in shows that having a warm, comfortable home in a neighbourhood where you feel safe, supported and can access basic facilities is really important to older people. There is a wealth of information, ideas and topics that the group would like to now explore.
  • The Older Person Friendly City Group: Undertakes surveys of everything from pelican crossing times to public toilets with the aim of making the city centre easier for older people to use.
  • Health and Social Care: This group meets monthly to look at health and social care as well as broader issues like active ageing or crime and community safety.
  • Communication Group: Comments on leaflets from different agencies with the aim of making sure that materials are clear and easy to read; broadcasts its own radio programme, ‘Everyone’s tomorrow – today!’; and is also responsible for publishing the Elders Council newsletter six times a year. And we oversee this website.
  • Learning and Culture Group: Makes sure that older people have plenty of opportunities to stay active in mind and body.
  • Outreach Group: Produces publicity material and organises talks about the Elders Council to older people’s groups across the city.

The Elder’s council are now based within the Institute for Ageing and Health which in turns affords further integration with the University’s Changing Age agenda and establishes them at the heart of the University’s research in this area.

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