Telling Tales of Technology website launched

Tales of technology website screen

Telling Tales of Technology website launched

The Telling Tales of Technology website has launched which illustrates the work being undertaken by Marianne Dee at SiDE’s Dundee spoke. Marianne has been working to gather older people’s experiences of technology.

The website, designed to be accessible for all is split into sections including: Tales of the Unexpected; A collection of stories illustrating the creative ways people use technology, stories showing that no one needs to be an expert and tales that show technology that can be made to work for everyone.

There are pages highlighting the people behind the stories in the ‘Tellers of Tales’ feature, where you can find out what inspired people to become more involved with technology, their experiences and stories.

Get involved: We are collecting stories from people of all ages to demonstrate the rich and imaginative ways they have made technology work for them. With such a wide range of topics there’s something for everyone. Judy rediscovered music through digital radio and Ava sold thousands of books using email and Amazon.

For more information visit the site at: